3 Great Features Of The ERRC Grid Tool From Blue Ocean Strategy

3 Great Features Of The ERRC Grid Tool From Blue Ocean Strategy

errc grid

ERRC Grid: This is a visual tool to help you identify strategic positions that will help your business thrive in the “blue ocean.” It also breaks the traditional thinking of either-or, and turns it into both-and thinking. It also engages your employees.


ERRC grid, also known as the create raise eliminate reduce framework, is a tool that helps entrepreneurs identify and eliminate the factors that are holding them back from success. The four action framework is used to ask important questions and convert them into actions that occupy the quadrants of the grid. It is simple, straightforward and easy to use. It is an effective tool for building engagement and unlocking competitive advantages. It can also be used to generate market research questions.

The ERRC grid is a strategic analysis tool that is easy to understand and use. It helps companies capture the state of play in their marketplace and develop a clear and strategic profile. The grid enables companies to identify the factors that they need to reduce, raise and create. It also allows them to break the value-cost trade-off that is often a constraint for middle market businesses. The grid helps companies break the assumption that increasing value means spending more money. It compels companies to think about reducing elements and eliminate ones that are below industry standards.

The ERRC grid can help middle market businesses break the value-cost trade-off and focus on the factors of competition that are most likely to increase value. It can also help companies generate market research questions to identify factors that need to be improved. Moreover, it is important to know the factors that are most important to customers and to improve them in order to attract new ones.

Easy to understand

Using the ERRC Grid is a good way to identify and overcome red ocean markets. This is because the grid can help you to identify the factors that are over-served to customers, and to create factors that will allow you to build a new blue ocean market. This is an important lesson for any entrepreneur to learn, because red ocean markets are often a challenge to enter and grow.

The tool isn’t only for startups – it can be a useful tool for any firm looking to identify and break into new markets. It can also help firms make the most of their strategic position. It can also help firms identify new product dimensions, and new product attributes to consider. It can also help firms identify and overcome entry and mobility barriers that prevent them from competing in blue ocean markets.

The ERRC Grid free template is also a good way to identify the best product features to offer customers. For example, the first iPhone removed a number of features that were on the market at the time. This includes the camera, the voice quality, and the physical keyboard. The first iPhone also reduced email integration and Exchange support.

Helps identify strategic positions that will help businesses thrive within the blue ocean

ERRC Grid template ppt is one of the most important tools for Blue Ocean Strategy. It is a strategic framework that helps companies create new value for customers. The framework helps create a new value curve, which can be used to identify and analyze business programs and strategic positions. The grid complements the Four Actions Framework. It is a tool that helps companies develop new markets and attract new customers.

Blue Ocean Strategy

Blue Ocean Strategy focuses on identifying and expanding demand. The concept of blue oceans posits that creating new markets is more effective than competing in existing ones. Companies that create new markets tend to focus on customer needs for the future, rather than competing with others for the current market.

Blue Ocean Strategy materials are published in 44 languages. They are used in over 2,800 universities worldwide. The materials demonstrate how to expand demand and profitability. They also show how to break free of the conventional strategic models.

Blue Ocean Strategy materials are designed to be used by managers at all three levels. This means they can be customized to fit the unique needs of each level. Developing Blue Ocean Strategies also involves communicating them to staff and prioritizing resources. The process is a dynamic one that can be difficult to learn, but it is well worth the effort.

Using the ERRC Grid, companies can determine the most profitable areas of their business, identify the major competitive factors, and create market research questions. It can also help to identify strategic positions that will enable businesses to thrive within the blue ocean.

Using the grid to develop Blue Ocean Strategy involves a dynamic process that requires creative thinking, communication with staff, and prioritization of resources. It is also important to understand that this approach can be copied by competitors, which means that companies must adapt to survive.

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